About us

Alex Pesti founded Commercial Pipe Installation in 1996. Starting off as a one-man business, the company was built on his reputation for hard work and dedication in the mechanical services industry. Over the years the company has expanded, with a team of dedicated workers stepping on board.

Commercial Pipe Installation is based in Landsdale, Western Australia. The company premise consists of a workshop for extensive high-quality fabrication of pipework along with our administrative offices.

The management staff at Commercial Pipe Installation are all industry professionals that have been in the mechanical services and pipework industry for over thirty years.

Today Commercial Pipe Installation is working on sites all around the state, at universities, hospitals, shopping centres, high-rise buildings, defence, mining and industrial sites. We also have the capability to work onsite nationwide within Australia.

A testament to the success of the business is the strong work ethic adopted by its team and their commitment to excellence in their field.

Specialist Personnel

Alex Pesti - Director

Alex Pesti has over 40 years’ experience in the mechanical pipework field, gaining skills and knowledge from his varying roles in the industry. Having worked internationally and throughout Australia, his extensive experience is a distinct advantage. Since founding Commercial Pipe Installation in 1996 he has been the driving force of the company, leading the team in excellence.

Joseph Nott - Senior Site Supervisor

Joseph Nott has been a valuable member of Commercial Pipe Installation for close to a decade, having completed his advanced Mechanical Services Engineering apprenticeship in the U.K.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ His extensive work in the industry has given him comprehensive experience in various systems including heating, cooling, oil, steam, refrigerant and medical gas. In overseeing projects, he works hard to keep good workforce morale while adhering to strict health and safety guidelines to deliver a successful project.

Sarath Reddy – Mechanical Engineering Estimator

Sarath Reddy completed a Mechanical Engineering degree in 2002 and has since been working within the mechanical piping field. Over his years in the mechanical piping industry, Sarath has built extensive experience in all aspects of the tender and estimating process, including designing. Past and present projects have varied between Hospitals, Retail, Offices, Airport, Defence Force, Residential, Recreational and Educational sectors.


Commercial Pipe Installation is committed to providing a high degree of quality in the installation of the projects that we undertake. Systems have been adapted to ensure that all projects are installed in accordance to specification and drawings, using the best materials and workmanship possible.


Commercial Pipe Installation’s priority is to ensure that a safe and healthy workplace is maintained for its work team and others. To facilitate pipework installation being carried out in a safe manner, we use an in-house OH&S management system and put in place workplace safety procedures (SWMS). It is our aim to have an accident-free workplace for all of our team members. To ensure that risk to our clients is kept to a minimum, Commercial Pipe Installation maintains the best possible insurance policies.