Pre-Insulated Pipework

At Commercial Pipe Installation we can pre-fabricate and install pre-insulated pipework systems to your specifications to suit your unique requirements. All pre-fabrication of pipework, bends, tees and various other fittings is carried out in our extensive workshop by trained tradespersons using specialty equipment to ensure the highest quality pipework is produced.

A pre-insulated pipe system is made up of a carrier pipe which is centralised within an outer pipe with closed cell rigid polyurethane insulation applied between the two pipes. By customising the inner carrier pipe and the outer pipe, we can achieve the insulation properties you require for your system. This system is robust and retains its shape without damaging the insulation even when installed underground, contributing to low maintenance requirements. By pre-fabricating all required components off-site, we reduce the on-site installation time, making it a cost-effective solution for insulating pipework.

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